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I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 15 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families with a variety of treatment needs from relationship problems, anxiety and depression to trauma, grief, eating disorders, addiction, and substance abuse. 

I have been described as warm, empathetic, and insightful with a balance of being clear and direct yet compassionate and caring.  I integrate complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each individual according to their personality, needs, and objectives.   For me, it’s not about just fixing the problem in the moment. I believe that by understanding why we do the things we do, we can make better choices long-term. My goal is to give clients the necessary tools and insight to help better handle situations in their day-to-day lives and to manage their reactions beyond the therapy sofa. 


"I have worked with Lauren for over 10 years now, and can say without hesitation that my life is forever altered -- all for the good.  Lauren has provided me with many gifts through our work together, with the most crucial one being self-acceptance.  She has guided me into a space where I can love, celebrate, and accept myself for who I am.  She has helped me discover that those traits I once defined as "flaws" -- vulnerability, big emotions, and raw honesty -- were actually my greatest assets.

Lauren is the ultimate listener, because she listens and receives everything you say without judgement.  She has never flinched at anything I've confessed during our time together.  And at times, she has even given me small snippets into her own personal life as a way to connect.  I think this helps her patients understand that she too, is human, who doesn't lead a "perfect," problem-free life.  She reminds me that we are just two humans, looking to connect, while she helps shine a light on the most appropriate paths to solution and forward movement.  

Before coming to therapy, I had a vision that the therapist sat, listened, then spit off a bunch of directives - "Do this, don't do that, stop doing this."  Perhaps some therapists take this approach - but Lauren is different.  She is not one to overtly tell you what you can and cannot do, or label things as right or wrong.  She is there to make meaningful suggestions, while helping one uncover the root of the problem.  She is there to help remind her patients that we are worthy of love and fresh starts.  She does all of this with a lovely, kind, and soft demeanor.  She is a nurturer, which as a patient, I find incredibly soothing, especially during difficult sessions.

I have recommended Lauren to several friends, and every person who has seen her has come back to profusely thank me for sending them her way.  Lauren is the only therapist I have seen, and likely the only one I will see.  There is something special about building a longstanding relationship with a therapist, and working through various life-stages together.  I am forever indebted to Lauren - through our work, she helped me clean off the smudged, dirty windows that were once muddying the view I had of myself, and of my future." - Anonymous   


"I began working with Lauren several years ago, when I was experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety following a medically complicated, traumatic birth. Lauren's empathy and gentle support, her good humor -- I remember how much we laughed together and what a relief that was for me during such a dark time -- and her practical advice around coping strategies helped me to heal over several months. Guided by her insight and true skill at creating a secure space for taking on some challenging work, I was also able to explore the larger patterns in my life that were shaping my response to both motherhood and medical trauma. My husband joined us for several really productive sessions as well, and we both felt that Lauren is a gifted couples therapist, who helped us to better hear and understand each other and ourselves too. I'm very grateful to Lauren for helping to see me through a very difficult time in my life and to know that I can always return to the safety, courage, insight, and real joy that I found in our work together." - Anonymous


"I have been through several therapists in the last decade. It was just so hard to find the “right fit”.  I started seeing Lauren for counseling two years ago.  I was in awe that we clicked so fast and it was so easy. She was able to listen to my vulnerability and add her own to my story. It made her real and relatable. This was such an important piece for me.  Lauren has challenged me, been supportive when needed, and helped me grow throughout our time together." - Anonymous 

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